Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Successful Struggle

I've been successful with my food for the last day and half, but it has been a huge struggle. Like right now, I just finished lunch. I ate leftover turkey breast with lettuce on a wheat round and a side of leftover roasted squash. Note to self roast squash isn't as good the second day. Now I am having a battle with my mind. I know that I am satisfied physically with the food I ate, but my brain is scream just a few more carbs or something sweet. It's so bad at this moment that I am going to have the girls take a early nap so I can just sleep through my cravings.

My goal is to not sleep all the time because I can't - it's not realistic at all, but this week, today, it's what will help me be successful.

Last night I made dinner for me and decided that that was what the little girls would eat as well.

I got a roasted turkey breast from HEB which I paired with roasted squash and a new Suddenly Salad called Tuscan Grain. I hear you on the processed foods, but again I have to make some sacrifices to get through my first weeks without binge-ing.

I think it's one of the better "processed" foods. I mean there is brown rice, quinoa, and wheat berries in there. It was good and as you can see I measured the exact amount I could eat.

Bekah was not impressed with any of it, so she had blueberries. Morgan, on the other hand, loves roasted squash and pretty much cleaned her plate.

I wouldn't have been able to make it through yesterday without these two lifesavers.
 I picked them up on a whim will doing my weekly shopping, they were not cheap, but have help me to have a healthy alternative to my sweets craving. The CandyCot is so sweet that Matt can't even eat them.

So, things aren't terrible, but my body or shall I say my brain is talking to me and it's a pretty big struggle to not eat things I shouldn't .

This morning I made the girls biscuits and I knew I'd be craving them all day if I didn't have one. So, this was my breakfast.

I know I could have eaten a large quantity of something else, but I'm really trying to find what works for me.

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