Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm Back

If you are coming here from my blog, DanaRae, then you already know that I am revamping SkinnyTart to document the next 30 days (or longer) of my weightloss journey. I started this blog when my other was still called StrawberryTart just so you are up to speed regarding the name. I have no plans at this point to change the name at all.

So, what's new? Why now?

Last week I worked out with a group a trainer 5 days straight. Afterwards I signed up to continue 3 days a week for the next 30 days. I've decided to not waste my money by coming home after a work out and binge eating on M&M's, so I need accountability and support. That is why I am typing these, who are reading this, are my accountability and support.

At this moment I don't feel that I want to share my current weight, but that may change as the week progresses. I will tell you that I got on the scale at the gym this morning and my body fat is at 50%. This is not a big shocker to me since most of my body shakes as I am walking down our stairs. My goal weight right now is about 40 pounds smaller then my current weight.

I don't expect to shed those 40 pounds over the next 4 weeks, but I am hoping to kick start my journey by at least losing 10.

My plan? Work out with a group and trainer on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then continue Couch to 5K on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. I'll probably take Sundays off unless I need to work off some unplanned calories.

I think I've got the exercise down or at least the plan down. Food is another story. Recently, it had become very clear that food is an addiction for me. I've had days over the past couple of weeks were I have eaten so much that I am literally sick at night. I don't like it. I dislike what it does to my waist line, but I really really dislike feeling like crap.

So, that's why I am here. It's my journey to not feel like crap anymore.

I really don't want to say how this posts will look on this blog because if I over plan too much I'll probably fail (at-least with writing - with eating I will over plan).

Thank you for supporting me during this journey!

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