Friday, January 7, 2011

First Food Friday

Welcome to Food Friday. This is where you get to see everything I have eaten for the past week.
This week is just Tuesday through Thursday – since I just started.

Breakfast: ¾ cup Honey Nut Cheerios, ½ cup 2% Milk, medium Banana. 280 Calories
Snack #1: Cutie California Clementine. 40 Calories
Lunch: Ham and Cheddar Cheese on a Kaiser Roll with a side of Carrots and Celery. 465 Calories
Snack #2: Yoplait Light. 100 Calories
Dinner: Skillet Lasagna (2 servings). 673 Calories
Snack #3: Gourmet Mixed Nuts. 170 Calories
Day Total: 1,728   ~I went over by 200 calories this day.
Breakfast: ¾ cup Honey Nut Cheerios, ½ cup 2% Milk. 171 Calories
Snack #1: Medium Banana. 109 Calories
Lunch: 2 Taco Bell Fresco Crunchy Tacos. 300 Calories
Snack #2: Rocky Road Bar and Clementine. 220 Calories
Dinner: Healthy Choice Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken. 320 Calories
Snack #3: Yoplait Light. 100 Calories
Day Total: 1,210
Breakfast: 1 cup of Apple Dappers Cereal and ½ cup 2 Milk. 171 Calories
Snack #1: 1 cup carrots, 1 cup celery and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese. 105 Calories
Lunch: Progresso Split Pea Soup, Baby herb salad with cheddar cheese and light raspberry vinaigrette, Yoplait light. 480 Calories
Snack #2: Oreo Cakester. 120 Calories
Dinner: ½ serving of Hungry Girl Chicken Cordon Bleu and Oven Roasted Potatoes. 246 Calories
Snack #3: Monster Cookie. 207 Calories
Day Total: 1,329

Before you say it – Yes, I know I need to get off of the prepackaged food. One step at a time.
What did you eat this week?


  1. Way to go Dana! I wish I could be as disciplined as you. Prepackaged food and all. I think you are doing great. Kind of inspiring me really. Just wanted to add. My sister used an IPhone app called Lose It. She Stuck to 1200-1500 calories a day and entered all the exercise she did (including Vacuuming and other House work) Did it and stuck to it for 6 solid months....4 months in she had lost 22 lbs!! Stick to it and good luck to you. Oh by the way you are AWESOME!! =)

  2. Way to go Diana! Food looks great!

    - Bethstl (from Sparkpeople) :-)


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