Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What I'm Eating...I actually know..

What is this you ask?

This is what I ate yesterday. Why am I am showing it to you?

Because I stayed in my calorie range! Yay! Oh, I hear you judgy judgers (heehee) making comments about my fast food junk. All I have to say is one step at a time. Let me get back into tracking everyday, and then I will change another habit. Yesterday was busy, but today is a lot better. I also am aware about my protein...I am a carb junky. 

Last night I planned out my “menu” for today, packed it all up and have some great with it today! star for the first person to point out all the words I misspelled!
I got on the scale this morning I was down to 182.5, but that is not official until next Tuesday.

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  1. If you find something that works well, let me know. I have a feeling with my newly acquired thyroid issues I may have to actually start watching what I eat for the first time in my life. Maybe we could get into an aerobics class together or something.


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