Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your Hormones are Out of Wack

Not a Weight Related blog, but it is heath related.

This is the time during the month where I hear

“Since you have been dating JAG you have changed”
“You seem to have no time for your friends”
“Are you still alive?”

Let me tell you peeps that if JAG didn’t make me spend time with him I wouldn’t see during this week of the month either.

I am not talking about my menstrual cycle time of the month.

It seems like once a month around the same time I get in a really really bad funk. Like I don’t care if I eat bad, if I don’t exercise, if I don’t wash my face, it I don’t care if pay my bills, if I don’t care if feed my hamster. It is a calm self destructive week. I HATE it! I have been monitoring it for the past few months, so I know when it is coming.

It’s not depression, not something I want to treat with a pill.

My mom would say, “Your hormones are out of wack.” She uses that line for everything that I do that is not straight. It cracks me up, but maybe she is right.

So there…this is why there has been no SkinnyTart! Posts.

I guess this my way of saying…I am still here. I am still working to lose weight. I am not going to push everyone away this month!

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