Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Note to Myself: I am so MAD at You!

Dear Not Ever Going to Be Skinny Tart –

184! Really? 184. You have got to be kidding me! You weighed in at 180 Friday night! You were so close to breaking into that 170 area. You could have done it, but you got an attitude thinking that you were doing so awesome and you deserve a little break. So where did you go? Huh? Go ahead…tell your readers! Yeap, Cheesecake Factory and you yanked JAG right off the wagon with you.

Shoving fattening food in your mouth didn’t end there did it? Saturday morning you just had to have the Cheese Danish at Starbucks…wonder how many calories that was. On Sunday you did better with toast for breakfast and lunch wasn’t too bad, but I soon as you proclaimed “I am an emotional eater” when the chicken fried chicken was placed before you for dinner I knew it was over.

I thought Monday morning when you woke up to find your engagement ring was tight on your fat swollen finger that you would get the hint, but I was so wrong! By 8 pm Monday night you were saying “Ah another piece of pizza.” Then, you fell into the trap of dessert pizza. I hope all that apple crumble goodness was worth it because you are now four pounds heavier!

Get Your Act Together!


Dear Me –

I am fully aware of your disappointment and I am sorry. I after getting on the scale this morning I did put on a cute dress that shows my legs…I think they are getting thinner (maybe not from this angle, but still).

Then, in hopes of keeping myself inline I put on my 10 pound reward earrings from Funky Vintage Kitchen.
I proceed into my kitchen and decided I should not take leftover pizza for lunch. So I made a better decision.

I think that is my theme for today…I will make a better decision then yesterday and then things will get better.

Thank you for the tough love

StrawberryTart!-I will be SkinnyTart someday!

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