Monday, August 23, 2010

What is it Going to Take?

Ever ask yourself that? I did yesterday.

JAG and I felt like crap all weekend. Why you ask…our bodies are telling us “Enough with the crap you have been putting in me. I am going to rebel and see if you get the hint.” I feel like poo!

So what is going to take?  What will get me back on track? What do I need to do to realize this weight isn’t just going to drop off of me especially standing in line at a Pizza Buffet?

If you stumbled upon my blog today, I am sorry. I have no tips or advice for you today. I am lost. I have fallen of the wagon, rolled to the side of the road and cried because the wagon is five miles up the road and I have no clue how to get back on it.

JAG and I have found the good and the bad sides of losing weight together. When we are motivated we are AWESOME together, but when one of us falls off we grab the other and drag him or her to nearest deep fried eatery. We love food, we love each other and we love food. So we love to eat food together. Big downfall.

It kind of feels like two addicts, I want him to do well and I want to do well, but it harder then anything to get both of us back on the wagon lately. We are done justifying…that is a good thing, but at the same time we are in the “oh who cares” mood about our weight and that is not good at all. I need to do better to help him and he needs to do better to help me.

I have got to get motivated! I actually let Shelby take this picture of me and at the time I thought, “eh I am ok with myself like this…I don’t need to lose weight.” Then I got sick that afternoon from overeating pizza. That and trying on my now tailored wedding dress has led me to this post.

Hello, my name is StrawberryTart and I am a food addict. First step, right?

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  1. I know it is hard, but you CAN do this--just try not to get bogged down by the whole "big picture" idea, and realize that small incremental changes can still help so much. And don't forget to keep blogging on Spark People!


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