Sunday, August 1, 2010

How I am Doing It

I promised in my last post that I would tell you about Sparkpeople (I just realized there is no space, sorry). Let me give you some history that I didn’t really tell you in my intro.

Back when I was married to my first husband, Gweedo, I was constantly trying to lose weight and I was a smoker. This led me to my doctor where I told him, “I can’t quit smoking because I will gain weight and I cannot gain weight.” He pulled out his prescription pad and I thought “yes, he is going to give me a magic skinny pill.” He scribbled something and handed it to me. All it said was “”

I remember being pissed and going back to the office to tell me co-workers about how my doctor had the nerve to send me to weight loss support instead of giving me a pill. I know…I know you don’t have to say it. I joined…looked around, but it wasn’t right for me at the time. I was still searching for quick fix option.

Fast forward about four years to June of this year. I did a search on Youtube looking for P90X videos because that is the way I was going to go (small ha ha). For some reason the Youtube Gods thought, this video was what I needed to see.

I had to click on it. I mean her name is Dana! When she said “sparkpeople” it hit me. I big ‘ol hello light bulb went off in my head. I quickly went to the site…started a new account and got busy. That day, that video, changed my life – ok, so that is a little over dramatic, but I think it will change my life!

If you don’t know about sparkpeople, which most people still do not, then you have to go, but wait until you finish reading. I really want to share with you my Top 10 Reasons why I love

Now there are way more then these 10 things on these are just my favorites.

Why do I feel like I need to tell you that this are in order from least to greatest…I have blonde moments. I have to admit as soon as I typed that sentence I had to text JAG to see if I was doing it right.  Any here we go.

Number 10: Exercise of the Day: They give you a new exercise to try out each day! They even give you a little video to show you how to do it correctly.

Number 9: Awesome Articles: They provide you with so much information in one place. Things like 10 signs a fitness gadget is a gimmick. You can read it here. (hey JAG…this one is for you! on the link my love).

Number 8: Free Fitness Tracker: This is super simple to use, too.

Number 7: Free Nutrition Tracker: I have to say this has been a life saver for me! Again, easy to use, but if you need help they provide videos, some of which I have included below. You have the option to enter your own food as you eat it or follow their plan.

Number 6: Goal Tracking: Ladies (and gentlemen) this program allows you to track any goal! In the other goals section you can put in things like read a chapter a day in a book. Also it is super simple to track water intake goals and fitness goals.

These last 5 were so hard to rank because each one is so so important to me.

Number 5: Community: On you have what are called Teams, some of which you are automatically put in when you join based on your age, your goals and when you join. These are awesome places to meet people. You set goals as a team. You have message boards for help. It is weight loss fellowship ladies (oh and guys).

Number 4: Recipes: If you know me, you know I love to cook! Well, I was so excited to see there is a feature on sparkpeople where other users submit their recipes. It is actually at Now these aren’t open a bag of salad and put fat free dressing on it type of recipes. People have taken some serious time working to make everyday recipes easier on the waist line.

Number 3: BLOGS: You know I love a good blog. Well not only does sparkpeople select certain blog writers who are awesome, you can read blogs from almost all of the users. That is thousands upon thousands of stories and advice and people who are probably going through the same thing you are. And if you love BLOGs then you will love number 2 as I do!

Number 2: Video Blogs (or VLOGS): Great googly moogaly how I love me some VLOGS! I love watching them, putting faces with names and hearing accents that don’t come across in written type. And talent…let me tell you there are a few people who are so talented in video editing. Oh, and the motivation, there are seriously people on there that should be getting paid for what they give you. These aren’t not sparkpeople employees, these are users like me. Yeap…I am a Vlogger! I try to post almost everyday. I love it!

And Number 1: The reason I believe that Chris Downie created this site is what I call the Motivation which is the people! I cannot put into words what the people of sparkpeople mean to me. The support that I have been given the past few months is immeasurable. Now, I am not talking about a paid consultant that asks you how your week went. I am talking about fellow users…others on this journey with you. People who say “I am glad you are here.” During the past week I have been shocked and felt so unworthy when I was told that I motivate people and that people look for me each day (little teary eyed). I don’t see myself like that because in my eyes people like Dana (above) and a handful of others who have successfully made it through this journey are so much more motivating then I believe I am.

I am telling you. You will be shocked and amazed at the before and after pictures. You will get giddy with excitement when you hear people say “nothing else has ever worked for me.” I spend so much time just reading, looking at pictures and listening to there stories. This is what motivates me!

So, if you are looking for a lifestyle change or if you just want to maintain the healthy state you are in right now then I think that you should do yourself a favor and go visit You can look me up when you are there (a shortcut is on the side of my blog…look for the big spark logo). We can be friends…you can help me and I will most definitely help you!

As I said above, sparkpeople offers wonderful videos about their site here are a few.

Spark Videos

Again, I am not being paid by I am telling you this because it is awesome and I want you to try awesome things!

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