Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Wish I Could Lose Weight As Well

Before I give you all of my lovely weight loss information can I please just brag on my future husband? Just for a minute. Not only is he AWESOME! He has also had a huge weight loss since we started dating. So much so, that the picasa face recognizer that organizes all of your pictures by person doesn’t even recognize the new him.
Here are my two JAGs.
The JAG that I first started dating and the JAG today. I wish I would have had another angle to compare this with, but look at his face. This man has lost over 61 pounds…I think half of that while we have been dating.
I am so proud of him and I so wish I could lose like that! Just fyi…men lose way faster than woman and I think that is sooo unfair!
Another fyi…JAG knew nothing about this blog…heehee.

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