Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here We Go!

You have no idea how long it has taken me to make myself type this blog entry. I have had my blog header made for some time now.

So Introduction Time!

You came here one of 3 ways (I think).

  1. You know me from StrawberryTart! If so, welcome. This means that you are a friend, family or a random reader (who I love just as much as the other two).
  2. You know me from Spark People! YAY! That is soooo Awesome!
  3. You randomly came across me in a search or by hitting “next blog!”

No matter how you got here I welcome you! I know that you are here for one of three things.

  1. You are NOSEY! Nosey Nosey…no worries I am the queen of nosey. Be nosey all you want. I am so going to tell you how much a weigh too! Ooohh! And post nasty before pics…aren’t you excited! Yoohoo!
  2. You are here to support me in my journey! Ahhh I love you for that!
  3. You have no clue, but you love my header! I know…me too!

Again, no matter what reason you are here, Welcome! Big Cyber Hug to you!

Now, about me in case you need a re-fresher course.

My name is Dana, otherwise known as StrawberryTart! In the blogging world. I have been blogging for two years now and I love it! It is the best, free therapy there is, at least for me. I plan on continuing with two blogs. In StrawberryTart! I will continue to give you my life and here at SkinnyTart! I will give you my weight loss journey.

Ah yes…the reason you are here…I am fat. Actually if you look at the charts and that dang Wii fit I am obese. Don’t you just love that word? Obese.

How did I get here?

I wish I could write out paragraphs about how this isn’t my fault, but it would all be a lie. I got myself to this point.

I am going to be lazy and share with you what I told the wonderful people at Spark People.

In 1977 I was born a healthy 10lb baby…I say that is the start of it all (I seriously know it’s not). I was never a small petite child like my sister. I would say it was elementary school when I caught up to my sister in clothing size even though she was three older then me. I was never considered to be the “fat kid” at school, but I was one of the tallest girls. I believe I got to my current height of 5 foot 4 inches (6 inches in good heals) when I was in junior high.

Looking back on pictures of Junior High and High School I could kick myself for thinking I was overweight. I spent many many years comparing myself to girls who did not have the same body structure as me and in turn began what I thought was “dieting” my freshman year in high school. If someone said it would make me thin I would do it: diet pills, diuretics or not eating at all.
When I was 18, I went to work for a major weight loss company. At the time I was 135 pounds and felt still that I needed to lose more weight. That didn’t happen. Actually, after going up and down I landed at 160 when I was 23. Then my world changed. After years and years of being obsessed with my weight I found my self pregnant. I took this as an excuse for an all out free for all and gained an unhealthy amount of weight during my pregnancy with my daughter. When I gave birth on September 13, 2001 I weighed 224 pounds. I thought for sure those 60 pounds would leave my body the moment I checked out of the hospital (stupid young girl).

During the past 8, almost nine years, my weight has fluctuated. When I was married I was about 170. Normally when people get divorced they lose weight, not me. My weight and calorie intake was such a priority for my x-husband that as soon as we split and had another free-for all and gained 20 pounds.

So here I am today, two years after my divorce weighing 192 pounds. During the past two years I have stopped smoking, but that is no excuse…I was this weight before I stopped smoking. I pretty much have just been maintaining.

My daily obstacles are all me! Me! Me! Me! I normally do not put my health first. Fast Food is easy when you have a schedule packed full. I even had a moment where I thought…I am happy with myself I am good at this size (trying to fool myself). Then last week my knees started hurting…I realized I hadn’t taken the stairs at work for the past month because it was so embarrassing to be that out of breath in front of my co-workers. I even un-tag pictures of myself on facebook because I can stand to look at myself, head shots only at this point.

So, there you have it. That is my story and my first post on this blog! Woohoo!

Again, Welcome! Come back tomorrow for the embarrassing before pics, measurements, and my weight as of today (intro was a few weeks ago).

Don’t worry…I am not embarrassed. I want this. I want you to read…I need your help!

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